13×6 Silky Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair Natural Hairline Bleached Knot Peruvian Remy Hair

What can I say about this hair that others have not said about this hair. The hair is beautiful!!! I am so in love with this unit, it’s so soft, no bad smell, no shedding, fits like a glove and suits me soooo muchhh. I washed the hair and it just goes back to the same soft, i styled it by myself ,it’s so perfect, I got so many compliments.

Damn girl this is so good I can’t stop touching it all my God. It’s a little nappy at the end don’t give me wrong I am a comb can fix that but you know it’s a little dry I’m not gonna say anything else but I still love it it’s still a little silky smooth still flows nice. Sorry ladies, I did not take a picture of him I should have my most likely I’ll take a picture in a couple of days or up to two guys in a while see how it is I will be ordering from them again.

Because girl everybody was jealous of me everybody I talk to my cousins house she didn’t know what to do with herself she was like dang girl let me get there and I said no. But besides the point the hair is really good it’s really soft I like it him a few hairs come out not too much.