FAQs on Lace Wigs Short Body Wave Synthetic Lace Front Wigs for Women L Part Shaped with Natural Hairline Jet Black Color

Q:Can someone post more of the parting?
A:hello customer , you mean the part line ?
this style of wig is L part deep line, looks more natural.

Q:What is this made of
A:hello customer , this is a synthetic lace front wig.
specially 3D front lace ,and deep L part line , looks more natural .

Q:i just received my unit today and am in love! Would you happen to have it in other colors?
A:hello dear customer,
now the we only have natural black in stock.
We are actively developing other colors , maybe in next year the new color stock will arrive.
thanks a lot for your support.

Q:What colors does it come in? i love it but want blonde
A:Hello,dear friend, this wig is 1B color,if you like blonde color,we can create it in close future.Thank you.

Q:Does it come in other colors , such as a blonde color ?
A:hello dear friend , really sorry , now we only have natural black color in stock.
maybe in the future we will make the new color style.

Q:Why does the hair shed so bad???
A:Because it’s synthetic and not good quality I’m assuming but it’s definitely not a good buy.

Q:can u wear the part on either size ?
A:Sorry dear friend, we only have the stock as the picture shows dear.
Maybe we will design the new style in the future. Thanks for your support

Q:I want to know how do I get an IB ifor this wig?
A:Hello, dear, you want to buy it ? Right ? You can buy it and we will Ship it from China these days. Thanks.