Lace Front Wigs Wavy Brown Ombre Synthetic Wig

Very surprised how real looking the hair is for the price! It doesn’t have that too shiny, plastic look that I was expecting. It also came with two hair caps which was a very appreciated bonus!

I don’t mind as I bought for the purpose of trying short hair before chopping and donating my natural hair. But if you plan on wearing out, you’ll want to pay attention to the back. Wearing half up or pining the sides does wonders.

Also, as with many lace front wigs, the hairline can come off looking too perfect. Since my own color is close to the root color, I pulled free some of my own hair near my temple and pinned it back with a few wig strands into a mini-poof. It made my hairline much more natural. I would definitely feel confidant wearing out without worrying if people could tell it is a wig!