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Fashion Ombre Blonde Glueless Lace Front Wigs

LOVE this!! I’m new to lace wigs and chose this unit after having succes with this brand. Im a white girl with a fair complexion and worried when I ordered this one if the roots would be too dark—and I’m so happy I took the risk! Roots are light brown, the rest is a pretty platinum blonde—not white platinum, not orange blonde, it’s a perfect light blonde with cool tones—perfect for me! I ordered an almost identical unit from net (colors were pretty much identical) and the quality of the synthetic hair on the brand unit was definitely better. The other one was tangling immediately, this one is still silky after customizing and 2 wears.

If you’re new to wigs, I’d definitely suggest getting a silicone detangling spray for synthetic wigs and use it early and often—I learned this tip after ruining 2 wigs I really liked after just a few wears. The detangling/conditioning spray prevents tangling (spray before you wear the wig) and makes combing out these longer units much easier and keeps them nicer longer. Also, watch some YouTube videos on how to customize the part and hairline—customizing makes a world of difference in pulling off a lace front wigs without looking like you’re wearing a wig.

I didn’t notice much shedding at all on this unit either—I’ll definitely be purchasing from this brand and hopefully this unit again.

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