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Platinum Blonde Glueless Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wigs

I was torn between this wig and the Xieweya Platinum blonde / silver wig for the same price so I bought both. You can see my recent review on the Xieweya wig and how disappointed I was with it.

This wig however is the BOMB! I feel like they could charge twice the price for how awesome it is. It does not look fake or feel cheap.

I have over ten years of experience in the hair industry so I know how to spot what can pass for ‘real hair’ and what can not. If you want a wig that gives the appearance of natural long blonde locks and intend to wear daily, THIS IS THE WIG FOR YOU!

I ‘dyed’ the roots with a brown eyeshadow to create a more natural appearance, plucked the hairline, created baby hairs at the sides, cut the length, straightened it, sprayed dry shampoo on the hair to take the shine out and chopped layers in. The quality of the synthetic hair is astounding, it imitates human hair VERY well. There is very little shine to it which is unusual for synthetic hair.