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Fashion Ombre Blonde Glueless Lace Front Wigs

LOVE this!! I’m new to lace wigs and chose this unit after having succes with this brand. Im a white girl with a fair complexion and worried when I ordered this one if the roots would be too dark—and I’m so happy I took the risk! Roots are light brown, the rest is a pretty platinum blonde—not white platinum, not orange blonde, it’s a perfect light blonde with cool tones—perfect for me! I ordered an almost identical unit from net (colors were pretty much identical) and the quality of the synthetic hair on the brand unit was definitely better. The other one was tangling immediately, this one is still silky after customizing and 2 wears.

If you’re new to wigs, I’d definitely suggest getting a silicone detangling spray for synthetic wigs and use it early and often—I learned this tip after ruining 2 wigs I really liked after just a few wears. The detangling/conditioning spray prevents tangling (spray before you wear the wig) and makes combing out these longer units much easier and keeps them nicer longer. Also, watch some YouTube videos on how to customize the part and hairline—customizing makes a world of difference in pulling off a lace front wigs without looking like you’re wearing a wig.

I didn’t notice much shedding at all on this unit either—I’ll definitely be purchasing from this brand and hopefully this unit again.

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Lace Front Wigs Wavy Brown Ombre Synthetic Wig

Very surprised how real looking the hair is for the price! It doesn’t have that too shiny, plastic look that I was expecting. It also came with two hair caps which was a very appreciated bonus!

I don’t mind as I bought for the purpose of trying short hair before chopping and donating my natural hair. But if you plan on wearing out, you’ll want to pay attention to the back. Wearing half up or pining the sides does wonders.

Also, as with many lace front wigs, the hairline can come off looking too perfect. Since my own color is close to the root color, I pulled free some of my own hair near my temple and pinned it back with a few wig strands into a mini-poof. It made my hairline much more natural. I would definitely feel confidant wearing out without worrying if people could tell it is a wig!

Glueless Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wigs Long Natural Straight

This lace wig however is the BOMB! I feel like they could charge twice the price for how awesome it is. It does not look fake or feel cheap.

I have over ten years of experience in the hair industry so I know how to spot what can pass for ‘real hair’ and what can not. If you want a wig that gives the appearance of natural long blonde locks and intend to wear daily, This is the wig for you!

I ‘dyed’ the roots with a brown eyeshadow to create a more natural appearance, plucked the hairline, created baby hairs at the sides, cut the length, straightened it, sprayed dry shampoo on the hair to take the shine out and chopped layers in. The quality of the synthetic hair is astounding, it imitates human hair wigs very well. There is very little shine to it which is unusual for synthetic hair.

Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Deep Curly Bob Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair 150% Density Natural Color 14 inch

I’ve been wearing this wig m-f for a month and it looks great. It arrived neatly packaged and did not have an offensive odor. Nonetheless I soaked it in diluted apple cider vinegar for about 2 hours, rinsed, and co-washed with conditioner before wearing it. After it dried, I sprayed it with top knot sealer and let it sit for 45 min.

I also used a couple of drops of argan oil to moisturize. I do this once a week, and after a month it looks more natural than it did when it was brand new. No matting or excessive shedding. For the price, this wig is excellent. I’ve purchased another one that is still in the box and am considering buying another one.

Check my profile, I have struck out on so many horrible synthetic wigs, but this one is a home run. Also, if you wear wigs on a regular basis and have not upgraded to human hair, do it for yourself today. You deserve it and this wig will not let you down if you take the time to treat her right.

Long Natural Straight Brown Lace Front Wig Half Hand Tied Realistic Looking Glueless Synthetic Wigs for Women

I was very impressed with this wig, especially when considering how cheap it was compared to other lace fronts. The fibres are soft and don’t tangle easily, although it did come with a slight case of bag hair that lead to a few crimped fibres and stray hairs.

The colour is also accurate to the stock photo, a nice natural brown that isn’t too shiny. Based upon the other reviews I thought it would be a bit poofy, but it had less volume than I was expecting. Fortunately, it was still nice and thick.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this wig. I’ve added photos of the wig under artificial light and flash, as well as some pictures of me wearing it.


FAQs on Lace Wigs Short Body Wave Synthetic Lace Front Wigs for Women L Part Shaped with Natural Hairline Jet Black Color

Q:Can someone post more of the parting?
A:hello customer , you mean the part line ?
this style of wig is L part deep line, looks more natural.

Q:What is this made of
A:hello customer , this is a synthetic lace front wig.
specially 3D front lace ,and deep L part line , looks more natural .

Q:i just received my unit today and am in love! Would you happen to have it in other colors?
A:hello dear customer,
now the we only have natural black in stock.
We are actively developing other colors , maybe in next year the new color stock will arrive.
thanks a lot for your support.

Q:What colors does it come in? i love it but want blonde
A:Hello,dear friend, this wig is 1B color,if you like blonde color,we can create it in close future.Thank you.

Q:Does it come in other colors , such as a blonde color ?
A:hello dear friend , really sorry , now we only have natural black color in stock.
maybe in the future we will make the new color style.

Q:Why does the hair shed so bad???
A:Because it’s synthetic and not good quality I’m assuming but it’s definitely not a good buy.

Q:can u wear the part on either size ?
A:Sorry dear friend, we only have the stock as the picture shows dear.
Maybe we will design the new style in the future. Thanks for your support

Q:I want to know how do I get an IB ifor this wig?
A:Hello, dear, you want to buy it ? Right ? You can buy it and we will Ship it from China these days. Thanks.

13×6 Silky Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair Natural Hairline Bleached Knot Peruvian Remy Hair

What can I say about this hair that others have not said about this hair. The hair is beautiful!!! I am so in love with this unit, it’s so soft, no bad smell, no shedding, fits like a glove and suits me soooo muchhh. I washed the hair and it just goes back to the same soft, i styled it by myself ,it’s so perfect, I got so many compliments.

Damn girl this is so good I can’t stop touching it all my God. It’s a little nappy at the end don’t give me wrong I am a comb can fix that but you know it’s a little dry I’m not gonna say anything else but I still love it it’s still a little silky smooth still flows nice. Sorry ladies, I did not take a picture of him I should have my most likely I’ll take a picture in a couple of days or up to two guys in a while see how it is I will be ordering from them again.

Because girl everybody was jealous of me everybody I talk to my cousins house she didn’t know what to do with herself she was like dang girl let me get there and I said no. But besides the point the hair is really good it’s really soft I like it him a few hairs come out not too much.